by Bitsa Bernard



If you want 2019 to be the year you say "I can't believe this is my life".. then lets use 2018 to get there.

Together we can:

  • Streamline your systems (automation is your friend)

  • Refine your session and product offerings

  • Clean up your website content and marketing material 

  • Find your perfect client (and repel those who aren't) 

  • Create a marketing plan to get instant bums on seats

  • Turn those new clients into your highest spenders ever

  • Plus your clients will be raving about you and their photography experience


CHAT | We'll video chat get to know each other and ensure you're ready to take on these changes- and that I can shortcut your road to a 2019 you can only dream about. (this is free!)

PLAN | After deciding we're a great fit- we nut out exactly where you need assistance and create a plan based on that to fast-track your business and get you sipping cocktails on beaches next year. 

IMPLEMENT | After looking at both options, we'll book in either a three-hour intensive session or your 6-week program- whichever is better suited to you. We'll then spend that time together following our plan!

CONTINUE | You spend an hour a week rinsing and repeating everything you've learned with me.. or, you can join our monthly marketing group to ensure you stay on track, and continue developing your business.

"I have billed $4500 this week alone so far.. which is HUGE for me.. and it's just by implementing everything you've shared.. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU"

- Kim



3-hour intensive session - $750

6 week program - $1750

(either paid upfront or take advantage of a payment plan)